Health Centre Pharmacy Solutions

Multi-disciplinary teamworking is more likely to become a reality when the various healthcare team players are co-located in modern primary healthcare facilities. But co-location is easier said than done as there are many regulatory and commercial issues which can conspire to frustrate the opening of a pharmacy in a health centre.

David Lancaster Associates
We have market-leading experience of health centre pharmacy developments dating back over 18 years with some 300+ examples of projects completed with co-located pharmacies. Indeed we are the only UK firm which focusses exclusively on the matter of co-locating pharmacies.

When clients engage DLA they can be confident they have found the optimum pharmacy consultancy for their project. We will thoroughly appraise the pharmacy opportunity and then test the market with a well established and successful process to help clients identify their preferred pharmacy bidder.

Past & present clients such as NHS LIFTCo’s, NHS Property services, GP Practices, Commercial Developers, etc have all been assured that every preferred bidder decision is completely scrutinisable whilst ensuring commercial value and ROI is optimised.

Pharmacy Services Provision
A key determinant of the success of a health centre is the quality of the services it provides to patients. DLA consultants help developers appraise and reflect on the various proposals and service packages being tabled by pharmacy firms, and so help clients better envisage the various service propositions.