Health Centre Pharmacy Solutions

Multi-disciplinary teamworking is more likely to become a reality when the various healthcare team players co-locate in modern primary healthcare facilities. But co-location is easier said than done because many regulatory and commercial issues can conspire to frustrate the opening of a pharmacy in a health centre.

David Lancaster Associates
We have nearly two decades of experience in procuring health centre pharmacy tenancies with hundreds of examples of completed projects.

We will thoroughly appraise the pharmacy opportunity and then test the market with a well established process to help clients identify a preferred pharmacy bidder.

Past & present developer clients from GP Practices to the NHS and third-party Developers can all be assured that their every preferred bidder decision is completely scrutinisable whilst ensuring that commercial value and ROI is optimised.

Pharmacy Services – Selecting for Success
A key feature of a successful health centre is the quality of the multi-disciplinary services that it provides to patients but the highest quality pharmacy service is not always predicted by the highest rent on offer! DLA supports developers in appraising their pharmacy options with a structured interview process for prospective pharmacy tenant. This facilitates discussion and reflection on their various proposals & service packages, so helping our developer clients to better envisage the various pharmacy service propositions.