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Health Centre Developments & Pharmacy

The UK pharmacy sector regulations can be a minefield and can sometimes frustrate plans to have a pharmacy in a health centre. Considerations include:

– NHS Pharmaceutical Regulations (2013),

– General Pharmaceutical Council (premises registration requirements),

– NHS England Local Area Teams (decision making processes)

So it is important to take expert advice on the possible pharmacy scenarios very early on at the conceptual stages.

NB: There are a number of health centres across the country with built space provided for a pharmacy, but no pharmacy tenant, because developers failed to consider these various scenarios adequately!

NHS Pharmacy Licences

An understanding of pharmacy licences and how they are granted, or relocated, is crucial when planning for a pharmacy in a health centre.

This is just one of the many ‘red-tape’ matters we can help Landlords to fathom, and it should be a priority consideration early on in project planning.

Landlord & Tenant, Leases & Rent Reviews

It is essential that the relationship between the health centre landlord and a pharmacy tenant is clear and robustly documented.

DLA has considerable experience of the issues that can arise and can tailor draft ‘heads of terms’ for Landlords to underpin prospective lease arrangements, which in due course their solicitor can consider in the Lease.